Hello from England.

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Re: Hello from England.

Mensagem não lida por gabri_hawk » 09 Jun 2011, 00:45

Hi friend I'm also a member of mk2cav.com . I've been keeping in touch with Andy recently. From my standpoint there are some slight details that make your vauxhall cavaliers MK2 just flabbergasting !! Apart from the steering wheel's side of course ! LOL ! I just think I'd never get used to the way you British drive . Anyway , welcome to monzeiros.com and you also reach me on mk2cav.com . My username there is gabri_hawk as well as here. Cheers from Brazil , see ya around buddie !!
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Hello from England

Mensagem não lida por Lizawep » 23 Jan 2017, 06:14

Hello from a fellow New Englander.. New Hampshire to be precise.. Hopefully you are close to some of the great New England wilderness..